Courtney Callahan

Masters Student - MS-ALIS (Spanish)

Member Of:
  • School of Modern Languages


Courtney Callahan holds a B.A. in Spanish and Portuguese from Emory University. During her undergraduate career, she served as a member of the Global Languages and Cultures Cohort in which she produced monthly blog posts about foreign language education and discussed methods to effectively engage STEM students in humanities classes. As an aspiring medical student, Courtney is particularly interested in the topic of medical translation. She volunteered at a free clinic in which the majority of patients only knew Spanish and the majority of physicians only knew English; it was there that she witnessed the hindrance that language barriers can have on quality of care. She would like to explore methods to improve healthcare in predominantly Spanish-speaking and immigrant communities. Her current research investigates the use of indigenous medicine in Mexico. Courtney serves as the Graduate Assistant for I-House, an undergraduate housing community dedicated to world cultures, international outreach, and foreign affairs. Courtney is also an international film enthusiast and enjoys analyzing the impact that cinema has on both its national and international audience. 

Faculty Advisor:
Vicki Galloway


Research Fields:
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Indigenous Studies