Online Spanish Courses

Georgia Tech Spanish Online includes two asynchronous introductory courses: Spanish I and II. In an asynchronous format, students work on their own without designated class meetings. Both courses use the same textbook and website.

Screen capture of an iLearn Spanish course activity: "To form the plural of a noun that ends in a vowel, add -s."

The virtual classroom is a Facebook group where class announcements, documents, and mini-activities are posted. Students participate and interact with the professor and their peers by following and responding to posts on the group page.

Students complete coursework via the Cengage Learning (iLrn) website, which includes an eBook, videos, an array of interactive Spanish exercises and activities, and self-test reviews for each chapter.

Partner groups add a personal element to the class, facilitating conversation practice and encouraging students to work together and learn from each other as they complete course material.