Asynchronous Online Courses: French, German, & Spanish

In an asynchronous format, students work on their own without designated class meetings. The School of Modern Language currently offers asynchronous online courses in French, German, and Spanish.


All learning materials will be provided online. These include textbooks, vocabulary and grammar explanations (animated grammar tutorials, online PowerPoint presentations, and electronic flashcards), culture notes, and online textbook and instructor-created activities and exercises.  Written homework will be submitted by students online. Depending on the instructor’s preferred method of delivery, short essays will be submitted by students online or via email directly to their instructor or via a dropbox feature.

Oral homework requires students to perform and record pronunciation/phonetic exercises, take dictations, and listen to/watch video segments. In virtual chat activities, students will create simulated conversations by responding to a series of questions pre-recorded by native speakers from different regions. With video partner chat activities, students progress to working in pairs to accomplish a given communication task by recording and/or posting video conversations and presentations.

Quizzes, tests and exams will be administered online. For further questions on placement and other issues, please contact the listed course instructor.


Online courses use a digital platform that provides all the materials necessary for the course. These include textbooks, vocabulary and grammar explanations, culture notes, and online oral and written activities and exercises. Students also submit a handful of video clips to demonstrate oral and presentation skills. Exams and quizzes will be administered online and are to be taken within specified time frames.


Georgia Tech Spanish Online includes two asynchronous introductory courses: Spanish I and II. Both courses use the same textbook and website.

The virtual classroom is an Edmodo group. Students participate and interact with the professor and their peers by following and responding to posts on the group page. Coursework is completed via a language learning website that includes an eBook, videos, an array of interactive Spanish exercises and activities, and practice material for each chapter. Most assessments are projects that include video presentations and/or essays.

Professional Spanish language coaches add a unique feature to the class, facilitating conversation practice as well as a cross-cultural learning experience for each student.


For further questions, please contact the Student Advisor, Mirla Gonzalez.