SLS-France Program at Georgia Tech-Lorraine


Are you interested in improving your fluency in French and learning more about sustainability, while living in one of France’s most progressive “smart cities”? Starting in Spring or Fall 2019, study French, STEM and Social Sciences at Georgia Tech-Lorraine, Georgia Tech’s European campus in historic Metz, France.

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Co-Directors, Modern Languages

Dr. Chris Ippolito

Dr. Tatiana Kozhanova

Georgia Tech-Lorraine, Atlanta Campus

Catherine Bass
Director of Undergraduate Academics & Student Affairs, Georgia Tech-Lorraine

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With an emphasis on French language study, Sciences, and Sustainability, students will experience real language immersion while focusing on the region’s sustainability efforts through coursework, service-learning projects, and excursions. Students will have the opportunity to engage with Metz’ residents on issues such as the fight against climate change; the preservation of the region’s biodiversity and natural resources; and ideas about improving the quality of life for the city’s inhabitants.

Students participating in the French Program at Georgia Tech-Lorraine must take at least four courses, to include a minimum of one French course at the 2000-level or higher in Fall 2019. Students may choose from two program levels—intermediate or advanced French—depending on their level of French proficiency. In addition to French, students may take up to three or four courses in STEM (Engineering, Mathematics, Physics…) and/or Social Sciences (Economics, International Studies, History). See the full list of Fall 2019 courses at Georgia Tech-Lorraine.

Motivated students from other schools are welcome and encouraged to join the program.

Metz, France, known for its beautiful medieval city center, is located in the heart of Europe: 45 minutes from Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium; 2 hours from Switzerland; and 1.5 hours from Paris. Students take classes 4 days a week and will participate in excursions and guided visits specific to the French Program at Georgia Tech-Lorraine.

Students may choose to combine this program with the LBAT France summer program. Participation in the French Program at Georgia Tech-Lorraine and/or the LBAT France summer program allows students the option of completing most or all of the requirements for a French minor and the International Plan.

While FREN 1001 and 1002 are both offered at Georgia Tech-Lorraine, in order to participate in the French Program at Georgia Tech-Lorraine, students must have completed FREN 1002 or achieve a score of 251+ on the online placement test, prior to enrolling in the program. Students also have the option of doing the intensive lower level courses in the Summer at GTL or online and then joining in for the French Program at GTL in the Fall!

BONUS: The first 10 students to register in the program taking TWO upper level French courses will be credited back $500 for their tuition and fees! Apply today!

Modern Languages and SLS scholarships for $500 each are also available for students enrolled in at least ONE SLS approved French course at GTL. Please contact for application details.



Georgia Tech-Lorraine Campus (Metz, France)


  • Fall 2019: August 18 - December 13, 2019

Host Institution

Georgia Tech-Lorraine


Students will reside in state-of-that art housing facilities shared with French students at an adjacent Engineering School campus. Students will take a pledge to speak only in French while in student residences.


For French, you will have the following options in Metz:

  • FREN 2001: Patterns of French Culture I (Intermediate French I) (3 credits)
  • FREN 2001/2002: Intensive Intermediate French (6 credits) (Fall 2019 only)
  • FREN 2813 or 3813: French Immersion [register for your course according to your level on the online placement test] (3 credits)
  • FREN 3120: French Conversation (3 credits)
  • FREN 3011: France Today I (3 credits)
  • FREN 3500: Field Work Abroad (3 credits) (Fall 2019: with Instructor’s consent)

Please see full course descriptions.

Internship, Independent Study [with Instructor’s consent] (see Georgia Tech Catalog):

  • FREN 4695: Internship (3 credits)
  • FREN 4699: Undergraduate Research (3 credits)

Other Georgia Tech-Lorraine courses (Fall 2019) (AE, COE, CS, ECE, ECON, HTS, INTA, ISyE, Math, ME, MSE, PHYS)

Some INTA courses may be cross-listed with FREN (ask your advisor or instructor).



Georgia Tech-Lorraine tuition and fees apply. See

Cancellation Policy

Georgia Tech-Lorraine cancellation policies apply. See

Informational Meetings

Georgia Tech-Lorraine Info Sessions are held on the following dates:

  • February 21st from 11-11:50am in CULC 123
  • February 28th from 11-11:50am in CULC 144 Auditorium (Big Info Session)
  • March 7th from 11-11:50am in CULC 123
  • March 14th from 11-11:50am in CULC 123
  • April 4th from 11-11:50am in CULC 123
  • April 11th from 11-11:50am in CULC 123
  • April 18th from 11-11:50am in CULC 123 

Two additional info sessions specific to the French Immersion Program will be held on February 19th and March 5th from 11 a.m.-12 p.m. in Swann 106.

For more information or to join the email-list or pre-apply, please contact Dr. Tatiana Kozhanova at (Fall 2019).