News: Dr. Khapaeva Gives Talks on Her Most Recent Book

Dina Khapaeva

Posted October 26, 2017

Dr. Dina Khapaeva was invited to give book talks on her recent book, The Celebration of Death in Contemporary Culture (The University of Michigan Press, 2017), and to present her new book project. Khapaeva had an engaged dialogue on the fascination with death in contemporary American and Russian popular culture – what she terms “the cult of death” – with colleagues and graduate students at the Colonial and Post-Colonial Seminar at Emory University on October 3rd, and at The Graduate Russian Seminar at New College, Oxford University on October 19th. She also gave an invited lecture on October 12th at Princess Dashkova Russian Center, University of Edinburgh, on her new book project, Neo-Medievalism as Social Project, which contributes to the ongoing discussion of the appropriations of medievalism by contemporary culture and politics.

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