News: Serve-Learn-Sustain in Spain

Posted September 1, 2016

A new GT faculty-led study abroad program will be launched in spring 2018 called "Serve-Learn-Sustain in Spain."  The program, which will be based in the beautiful city of Granada, Spain, combines intensive Spanish conversation coursework with overseas community engagement, service-learning, and sustainability studies.  The program is open to anyone who has the equivalent of two years of college Spanish, which can be demonstrated by completing through SPAN 2002 at GT, having AP or transfer credit through SPAN 2002, or testing into the 3000-level on the School of Modern Languages' online language placement test.  The program is also open to native and heritage speakers of Spanish.  Students who complete thepProgram for 15 credits would earn the equivalent of a Spanish minor in one semester abroad.  There is also the option to complete thepProgram for 12 credits and earn a Spanish certificate.  The Serve-Learn-Sustain in Spain Program also includes 6 credits of Humanities.  All courses are conducted in Spanish and fulfill partial requirements for the ALIS, IAML, and GEML majors.

Here are ways to learn more about the Program:

1. see the attached Serve-Learn-Sustain in Spain flyer

2. see the attacjed PPT presentation about the program

3. Join the Program Facebook page: 

4. Check out the Program website here:

Faculty-led Programs are a great option for students.  No need to seek transfer credit, as all courses are preapproved GT classes.  Save money relative to exchange options in Spain. Out-of-state students pay almost the same as in-state students.