Language for Business and Technology: Jordan

اللغة العربية
LBAT Jordan 2013

Study Arabic for 5 or 8 weeks in Amman - Jordan

Program Highlights

Duration:  May 17 - June 22 (5 weeks only) or May 17 – July 12, 2013 (8 weeks)

Accomodations:  You will live with Jordanian host families.

  • Improve your Arabic skills through studying in small classes and living with Jordanian families
  • Learn about Jordanian daily life activities, habits, customs, current issues and values of contemporary Jordanian culture
  • Experience culture and history through visits to places such as Ajloun, Jarash and Petra
  • Spend your free time interacting with Jordanians, exploring the cities and the outdoors
  • Earn six or nine credits

Academic Program

3rd Year Study of Arabic

  • Intensive 3rd year Language study
  • 6 credits: 5 weeks; 9 credits: 8 weeks
  • Cultural excursions and business site visits


  1. ARBC 3691 Intensive Advanced Arabic
  2. ARBC 3692  Arabic for Business and Technology
  3. ARBC 3831 Intensive Advanced Arabic for Culture, Business, and Technolgy

Prerequisite:  ARBC 2002 or Equivalent and good academic standing

2nd Year Study of Arabic

  • Intensive 2nd year Language study
  • 6 credits: 5 weeks; 9 credits: 8 weeks
  • Cultural excursions and business site visits


  1. ARBC 2813 Intensive Intermediate Arabic
  2. ARBC 2823  Conversational  Arabic for Business
  3. ARBC 2833 Intensive Intermediate Arabic for Culture, Business and Technology 

Prerequisite:  ARBC 1002 or Equivalent and good academic standing


Program fee: $4,350.00 for 5 weeks only or $6,750.00 for 8 weeks (includes host institution fees, housing, airport pickup and drop, most meals, ground transportation, excursions, health insurance, cultural events)

Program fee does not include airfare, tuition and application fee.

Out of state students pay in-state tuition and fees plus $250. HOPE and other Financial Aid applies.


Project GO: ROTC students from Georgia Tech and other participating universities are eligible for a special scholarship, which covers at least 80% of the entire cost of this LBAT program, to study abroad in Jordan.  Please note, this applies to the FULL 8 week program ONLY.

Other scholarships for which you may apply:

  • Please check with the Office of International Education for a variety of scholarships.
  • HOPE scholarship is applicable to LBAT tuition.
  • Financial aid and other scholarships apply; please check with the financial aid office at your university.
  • The Modern Languages’ Campoamor scholarship (app. $400)

Program Scholarship: Six $500 Scholarships are awarded on a first-come basis to qualified students. Please apply to Dr. Bettina Cothran electronically (bcothran [at] indicating the following:

  • Your contact info, name, email, major, number of semesters you have learned Arabic, courses taken in or about Arabic
  • How you will benefit from LBAT
  • How the award will help you financially
  • Your level of interest and commitment in pursuing Arabic studies
  • Your grades in Arabic courses

Contact OIE for Study Abroad Scholarships