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The two elementary classes (1000 and 2000 level) are introductory and elementary levels introducing the beginner Farsi students to the Farsi alphabet (mostly the same as the Arabic alphabet) and the basic rules of grammar. Persian verbs are conjugated very much like the verbs in French and Spanish. Those who are familiar with Latin based languages will find a lot of similarity between them and Persian.  Many Farsi words have roots similar to their French, Spanish, Italian, or even German equivalents.

With these two first courses, students are expected to get the basic skills of communication, which are written and oral, in Farsi: greetings and communication for the daily needs, moving around, buying groceries, ordering food, carrying simple conversations around their campus lives.

The two intermediate classes (3000 and 4000 level) further communication skills, written and oral; more nuances in grammar give the students the ability to specifically locate a conversation in time. The lexical knowledge is expanded in ways such as: making transportation and lodging reservations, asking for directions, time, seeing a doctor, buying a ticket for a concert.

  • At all levels of learning, one of the main goals remains the ability to understand the native speech. Movies and video clips produced for the native speakers are therefore used often to train the students ear. 

  • These courses aim at opening a window into the many aspects of one of the oldest civilizations of the world, its symbols, its impacts on the other world civilizations, and its relevance to today’s world.

  • Students can further their discovery of the Persian language and culture by applying for the summer camps offered throughout United States college campuses or take part in the flagship programs in Turkey or Tajikistan.

Course Structure

Classes are offered in a sequential mode:

First Year, Fall Semester

PERS 1001:  4 credit hours

Monday / Wednesday / Friday  1:05 – 1-55 PM,  Wednesday 2:05 – 2:55 PM

PERS 1001 is an introductory class and requires no prior knowledge of Farsi. It is designed for both real beginners and students with some degree of literacy in Farsi.

First Year, Spring Semester

PERS 1002:  4 credits hours  

Monday / Wednesday / Friday

Second Year, Fall Semester

PERS 2001:  3 credits hours

Monday / Friday  2:05 - 3:55 PM

Second Year, Spring Semester

PERS 2002:  3 credit hours

Monday/ Friday  2:05 – 3:55 PM

All other classes require either having taken the previous class or an assessment interview with the instructor.

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