Global Media Fest


Created by a faculty team from the Ivan Allen College's Schools of Modern Languages and Literature, Media, and Communication at Georgia Tech, The Global Media Festival: Sustainability Across Languages and Cultures focuses on international media productions that explore issues and challenges associated to sustainability. The Global Media Festival's goal is to serve as a global interdisciplinary forum that creates awareness of the cultural and linguistic challenges that emerge from the different meanings and interpretations of sustainability in diverse contexts.

Sustainability provides a set of analytical and normative frameworks to understand and overcome the challenges of the 21st Century, such as extreme poverty, climate change, and social inequality. Although sustainability is a driving force behind many global agendas for the future, each society adopts and interprets sustainability according to its different cultural and linguistic resources. As long as institutions continue to take its meanings for granted, we will always fail to understand how sustainability works in the real world. To overcome this problem, it is imperative to examine sustainability across languages and cultures. To achieve this goal, we have created a media festival that looks at the role of media in the creation and dissemination of stories about economic activities as well as social and environmental challenges. The study of media productions in different languages and from different cultures around the world opens the door to compare how different societies adopt, implement, reframe or defy sustainability, while using specific conventions and protocols that respond to particular expectations, legacies, habits, and aspirations.

The Global Media Festival supports Georgia Tech's strategic vision for the 21st Century of producing "good global citizens" by providing windows to investigate how other societies around the world take key decisions in the present while imagining the future. It promotes partnership, curriculum development, and civic engagement opportunities that contribute to expand the links and collaborations between the humanities and the STEM disciplines. This program also takes advantage of Atlanta's diverse communities and the city's role as a major global media player to build educational and civic connections related to sustainability across local, regional, and global networks. The Global Media Festival is sponsored by a grant from Strategic Plan Advisory Group of Georgia Tech, as well as by The School of Modern Languages and The Center for Serve Learn Sustain.

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