French Program at Georgia Tech-Lorraine

Program Contacts

Dr. Chris Ippolito
Associate Professor of French
christophe.ippolito [at]

Catherine Bass
Director of Undergraduate Academics & Student Affairs, Georgia Tech-Lorraine
catherine.bass [at]

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Starting in Spring 2019, study French, STEM and Social Sciences in France at Georgia Tech-Lorraine, Georgia Tech’s European campus in historic Metz, France. Experience real language immersion and participate in service learning activities. The French Program at Georgia Tech-Lorraine includes special housing, program-specific scholarships, a tutorial program, along with guided visits and excursions for participating students.

Students participating in the French Program at Georgia Tech-Lorraine must take at least two French courses. Students may choose from two program levels--intermediate or advanced French--depending on their level of French proficiency. In addition to French, students may take up to 2 courses in STEM (Engineering, Mathematics, Physics…) and/or Social Sciences (Economics, International Studies, History). See the full list of Spring 2019 courses at Georgia Tech-Lorraine.

Metz, France, is in the heart of Europe: 45 minutes from Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium; 2 hours from Switzerland; and 1.5 hours from Paris. Students take classes 4 days a week and will participate in excursions and guided visits specific to the French Program at Georgia Tech-Lorraine, with visits to Paris, beautiful medieval downtown Metz and elsewhere.

Students may choose to continue with the LBAT France summer program following the completion of their semester at Georgia Tech-Lorraine. Participation in the French Program at Georgia Tech-Lorraine and/or the LBAT France summer program allows students the option of completing most or all of the requirements for a French minor.

While FREN 1001 and 1002 are both offered at Georgia Tech-Lorraine, in order to participate in the French Program at Georgia Tech-Lorraine, students must have completed FREN 1002 or equivalent by Fall 2018 or score a 251+ on the online placement test


Georgia Tech-Lorraine Campus (Metz, France)


January 7 - May 2, 2019

Host Institution

Georgia Tech-Lorraine


For the French Program, students will be housed in a student residence hall shared with French students from a nearby French engineering school (students will take a pledge to speak only in French). Homestay options are also available.


For French, you will have the following options in Metz (Spring 2019):

  • FREN 2001: Patterns of French Culture I (Intermediate French I) (3 credits)
  • FREN 2813 or 3813: French Immersion [register for your course according to your level on the online placement test] (3 credits)
  • FREN 3120: French Conversation (3 credits)
  • FREN 3011: France Today I (3 credits)
  • FREN 3500: Field Work Abroad (3 credits)

Please see full course descriptions.

Internship, Independent Study [with Instructor’s consent] (see Georgia Tech Catalog):

  • FREN 4695: Internship (3 credits)
  • FREN 4699: Undergraduate Research (3 credits)

Other Georgia Tech-Lorraine courses (Spring 2019):  (AE, COE, CS, ECE, ECON, HTS, INTA, ISyE, Math, ME, MSE, PHYS)

Some INTA courses may be cross-listed with FREN (ask your advisor or instructor)


  • Second-Year Track (2001, 2813): FREN 1002 or two years of French in high school, or 251 on the online placement test.
  • Third-Year Track (all 3xxx courses): FREN 2001 with an A, FREN 2002, or 401+ on the online placement test.


Georgia Tech-Lorraine tuition and fees apply. See

Cancellation Policy

Georgia Tech-Lorraine cancellation policies apply. See

Informational Meetings

Information Sessions in Atlanta during Spring and Fall 2018, will be held at the same time as Georgia Tech-Lorraine Info Sessions – Spring 2018:   

For more information or to join the email-list or pre-apply, please contact the 2018 French program director, Dr. Chris Ippolito, at christophe.ippolito [at]