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If you have an event or program coming up, which you would like to be added to the School/IAC Calendar, please fill out the Calendar Request form below. 

If you also need assistance with graphic design and marketing, please fill out the marketing request and reference the relevant calendar entry. 

*Note: You are free to create your own flyers, but please upload them to Step 2 for final approval, as we are required to uphold Modern Languages and Georgia Tech brand guidelines in all our publicly accessible communications. We are also happy to add the ML logo to your flyers for you; please leave an empty space (1-2 inches) in the corner of your flyer for this purpose. 

We recommend submitting requests one month before your event to allow time for marketing. Please allow 5 business days for calendar and marketing requests to be fulfilled. 


Please see the infographic below for more information! 


Step 1: Events Calendar Request Form


Step 2: Marketing Request Form 

Spring 2021 Communications