Event: Film Screening: Chasing Traces From the Past

February 25, 2020, 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Kendada Building Auditorium, Atlanta, GA



Film Screening: Chasing Traces From the Past

A journey through the climate of the past looking towards the future

Tuesday, February 25th, 5pm - 7pm (Kendeda Building Auditorium)

Join the Global Change Program and the Atlanta Global Studies Center for a screening of the documentary, Chasing Traces from the Past, in which researchers from the University of Zaragoza journey through isolated lakes, ancient forests, remote glaciers, deep caves and archives of rare and historical manuscripts, chasing those evidences that allow us to infer past climate conditions beyond the instrumental period.

Besides, the most important scientists in their fields, will accompany us in this adventure to discover the climate secrets stored in those evidences.

Understanding the climate of the past will help contextualizing the current warming and that would mean better adaptation in the future.

This event is organized by the Global Change Program, and co-sponsored by the Atlanta Global Studies Center. 

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Daniela Estrada