BS GEML: Core Requirements

Detailed degree requirements can be found in the Georgia Tech Course Catalog and the GEML degree checkist

Major Requirements

  1. 24 total credit hours of language coursework above the 2002-level (above 2001 for Chinese, Japanese & Russian). As part of this 24 hours, students are required to complete the Intercultural Seminar Capstone course (3 credits) in the chosen language. 
  2. 33 total credit hours of economics coursework. Students must take six credit hours in one of the following three concentrations: industrial organization, international economics, or environmental economics.
  3. Students must complete an international experience consisting of either:
    • A minimum 6-week overseas experience.  If this is not a country whose primary language is in the student's language of study, the student must justify and receive prior approval.
    • A 15-week internship or similar experience of at least 10 hours per week at an international organization such as consulate, CNN International, etc.  The internship must be approved in advance.

Global Economics and Modern Languages Cluster

The cluster is a second area of interest for the student, made up of twelve (12) credit hours of coursework that fulfills a certificate or minor in another academic discipline at Georgia Tech, or work towards a second degree program.

The Georgia Tech Core

42 credit hours

Free electives

Up to 11 credit hours